100-Word Stories

100-Word Stories

“1988” first appeared in Nailed.

Alice, As Loved by the March Hare,” “After November 8,” “Egress,” “Hide and Seek,” and Lost Parrotfirst appeared in MacQueen’s Quinterly.

“Bantams” first appeared in Alimentum Journal.

“Bekaa Valley”“Gossamer Wings”“The Homeless Hires of Fukushima”“Luck,” and “Meseket” first appeared in A Quiet Courage.

Biography,” “Careful What You Wish For,” “Charcoal Maker,” “Crown of Moths,” “Laurels,” “Migrations,” and The Passenger first appeared in The Citron Review.

“Biography” and “Curves” also appeared in sparkle + blink.

“The Cassandran” first appeared in Litro.

“The Dry Cleaner” first appeared in Duende.

Else where,” “Rixation,” “Road to Turkey,” “Saturnine,” and “Some Things” first appeared in The Homestead Review.

“Extractions,” “Generations and Origins,” “Hopscotch,”** “Sleeping Beauty,” Snake Shanties,” “Towards, and Waking, first appeared in The Fabulist.

“Leverage,” “The Knitter,” and “Pigeons” appeared in Nailed.

Meliai” and “We Are All Human, Even on the South Lawn in 1972” first appeared in Cleaver Magazine.

“Passenger” appeared in The Citron Review.

The Quiet Sadism of the Powerless,” “The Toast,” and “Twins” first appeared in 100 Word Story.

“Rooted” first appeared in The Stockholm Review of Literature.

Split Ends,” “The Toll Taker,” and “Transhumance” first appeared inThe Nassau Review.

Virago” first appeared in the Boston Literary Magazine.

Wanderlust” first appeared in Postcard Poems and Prose.

**”Hopscotch” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Included in Anthologies

“The Charcoal Maker” was included in Citron 10: Celebrating 10 Years of the Short Form.

“Druid’s Hall” first appeared in the anthology California Fire and Water: A Climate Crisis Anthology (Story Street Press, 2020).

“The Homeless Hires of Fukushima” and “Souvenir” were included in the anthology Nuclear Impact: Broken Atoms in Our Hands (Shabda Press, 2017).

“The Toast” was included in Nothing Short Of 100: Selected Tales from 100 Word Story (Outpost 19, 2018).

“Thanks, Frank” first appeared in Ice Cream Poems: Reflections on Life with Ice Cream, Edited by Patricia Fargnoli (World Enough Writers, 2017).